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Review: Brewing Sunshine (Brothers Three Orchard #1) by Taryn Quinn

Brewing Sunshine (Brothers Three Orchard #1) by Taryn Quinn Release Date: March 31, 2023 Purchase: Amazon Blurb Kira Webb was one of the strongest women I knew—she just didn’t realize it yet. She calls me Viking, and she’s not wrong. I’m rough around the edges and work as hard as I play. What she’s going to find out is that I love even harder. I knew from the moment I met her she was made for me. The problem? My Kira is stubborn and she takes her job very seriously. We both want to prove ourselves and make the new Brothers Three Taproom a success. I’m the brew master, hired for my out of the box thinking and creative hard cider formulas. Kira is order and spreadsheets and safety. She has a contingency plan for every problem. Except me. MY REVIEW Kira's view of herself is about to get tested when the new brewmaster at Brothers Three Orchard is recruited by her boss Beck. Soon she and Ronan are working and butting heads and she's feeling far too many thin
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Excerpt Reveal: Fluke (Carmichael Family) by Adriana Locke

FLUKE BY ADRIANA LOCKE Release Date: April 10th Genre/Tropes: Fake ex-husband / Blue Collar/Silver Spoon / Small Town Romance Fluke by USA Today bestselling author Adriana Locke is coming April 10th! CHECK OUT AN EXCERPT BELOW! Pre-order this fake ex-husband, small-town romance TODAY! Add to Goodreads EXCERPT “Do you check your email?” she asks. “Yeah.” “Have you checked it today?” “Uh, no. I’ve been working all day.” She clears her throat, shifting her weight from one foot to the other. “May I ask you to let me see your emails, please?” Excuse me? I press my lips together, curiosity getting the best of me, and pull my phone out of my pocket. “Jess?” “No, you may not see my emails.” Her hands go to her hips. “Please?” “What are you up to, Pip?” She reaches for my phone in a quick, bold move. Unfortunately for her, I’m quicker. I hold it up in the air and effectively out of her reach.

Review / Release Blitz: Sweater Weather (FU Hockey #2) by Mandi Beck

SWEATER WEATHER by Mandi Beck Release Date: March 27th Genre/Tropes: College Romance / Sports/Hockey Romance / Enemies to Lovers SWEATER WEATHER by USA Today bestselling author Mandi Beck is NOW LIVE! Make sure to grab this all-new enemies-to-lovers, college hockey romance today! This is a complete standalone & full length novel. NOW AVAILABLE! FREE IN KU! Amazon: Add to GR: BLURB Sweater Weather [ swet-er weth-er] Noun: A slang term meaning hockey season used exclusively by the Fulton University hockey team and their fans. Saffron Briggs—Fulton University’s newest pitcher—hates me. I shouldn’t like that fact, but I do. Maybe too much. She claims I’m not her type, which is ridiculous. There’s a reason they call me Levi “Sexy” Sexton…I’m everyone’s type. And thanks to my dad, who just happens to be her softball coach, I’ll get my chance to thaw out the ice queen. I’m h

Cover Reveal: A Little Taste by Tia Louise

Tia Louise has revealed the covers for A Little Taste! Releasing April 13, 2023 A LITTLE TASTE By Tia Louise Aiden Stone is a six-foot-two former Marine with a permanent scowl , dark hair, and dreamy blue eyes . He’s the oldest of the Stone brothers , and his “by the book” family has battled mine for control of our small town for generations. The last thing I should do is sleep with him . Or nearly run him down with my truck. Especially since he's sort-of my new boss ... It doesn’t help that my grandmother (the mayor) is a former magician, and my mom is a psychic (sort-of)... And my dad died in a failed escape-artist attempt (that my mother is convinced was a murder). Trust me, I know crazy , but I’m just plain ole Britt Bailey, Shania Twain-loving, non-magical forensic photographer. Yes, I take pictures of dead things, but I don’t see them in my bedroom at night. I only want to see one thing in my bedroom at night , and when I’m called home to help Sheriff

Review / Release Blitz: Wrong For You by Harloe Rae

WRONG FOR YOU by Harloe Rae Release date: March 29th Genre/Tropes: Enemies to Lovers / Single Dad / Second Chance / Small Town / Grump vs. Sunshine / Hates Everyone But Her WRONG FOR YOU, an enemies-to-lovers romance, from USA Today bestselling author Harloe Rae is NOW LIVE!! Grab this all-new second-chance, small town romance TODAY!! NOW AVAILABLE!! Make sure to enter Harloe’s GR giveaway!! BLURB I used to believe Jacob Evans could be mine. That was before he delivered unforgivable news rather than sweeping me off my feet. Not that I can fault his choice. He got the sweetest little girl out of the deal. I took the heartbreak as a learning experience and moved on for the better. Jake did the opposite—allowing bitterness to fill the void. Only his daughter can pull him from the broody gloom. Those moments are my favorite. Not that it matters. Jake isn’t anything to me other than a reminder of w

Cover Reveal: King Hunt (Perfect Play #3) by Layla Reyne

Layla Reyne has revealed the gorgeous cover for King Hunt! Releasing: June 6, 2023 Cover Designer: Cate Ashwood Photographer: Wander Aguiar Model: Rodiney Santiago When love is the only play that matters… Agents Bishop and Marshall know: The clock is ticking. They control the most dangerous pieces on the board. Sacrifices will be required to win the game. Levi and Marsh need to: Get home to each other and their son. Fall asleep in each other’s arms again. Start living the happily-ever-after the rings on their fingers promise. What began as a marriage of convenience is now the rock Marsh and Levi cling to as they enter the endgame. But defeating two kings is no easy feat. They’ll have to make all the right moves and lure their enemies to their side of the board where they have the advantage. But winning may cost them everything—their careers, their lives, and the love that’s become the center of their world. King Hunt is the final book of the Perfect Play trilogy

Cover Reveal: Contempt (Sin City Salvation #3) by A. Zavarelli

A. Zavarelli has revealed the gorgeous cover for Contempt! Releasing: April 25, 2023 Cover Designer: Lara at Coverluv Photographer: Wander Aguiar Model: Zack Salaun Before the world knew me as a rock god, I was just the angry boy who stole her heart. She was a good girl. The forbidden fruit I wasn't meant to taste. Our stars were crossed, and fate had doomed us from the start. She was promised to someone else. I had her secret smiles. Moments stolen in dark corners. But I couldn't have her future. Destiny tore us apart, and all that remained was the ghost of her memory. When she died, I did too. But when I catch a glimpse of her five years later, alive and well, that love turns to hate as the bitter truth emerges. She left me. She lied. And now, I'm going to make her pay. Pre-order your copy today! Amazon: Amazon Worldwide: Add to Goodreads: Meet A. Zavarelli A. Zavarel

Review / Release Blitz: The Third Baseman (New York Lions #1) by Lulu Moore

The Third Baseman by Lulu Moore is now live! My name is Jupiter Reeves, and I am a fraud. It's not that what's written about me isn't true. I am the greatest third baseman of my generation, possibly ever. I am surly and unapproachable. I do have a constant scowl, with an armour of tattoos. And to the outside world, I play my role as the bad boy of baseball like I was born to do it. But when the doors are closed and you boil it down, I'm nothing more than a man who lost his heart too young, with no prospect of getting it back... especially as I still have no idea where its current owner is. That was until I was offered an opportunity I couldn't refuse: Leave the Los Angeles Dodgers—where I've played my entire career—and join The New York Lions in exchange for tracking down the one woman who's consumed me since the day I first saw her fourteen years ago. Job done. Now we're under the same roof once again; except Marnie Matthews wants nothin

Review / Blog Tour: Give (Elite Members Only #1) by Leigh Lennon

GIVE by Leigh Lennon Release Date: March 23rd Genre/Tropes: Work Place Romance/Billionaire/Romantic Suspense/Kink Club/Light BDSM Give, an all-new suspense romance, from Leigh Lennon is NOW LIVE! Grab your copy TODAY!! Amazon: Amazon INTL: Things to look forward to: D on the first page Billionaire Dom Suspense Sexy Kink Club Light BDSM Play Voyeurism Add to Goodreads: BLURB Anisten A one-night stand is supposed to be just that, one night. But the sexy man with no name resurfaces in my life unexpectedly and needs me to help him win a court case that threatens his future. The only catch? He also wants me in his bed again. He’s assertive, persistent, and irresistible. But when his true desires are revealed to me, I run. Can I really be what Luca De Santos wants me to be without losing myself in the process? Am I able to walk away from everything that we could be tog