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Review: Privilege (Renzo + Lucia Book 1) by Bethany-Kris

Review of Privilege (Renzo + Lucia Book 1) by Bethany-Kris

"That was the privilege of Lucia Marcello.
Simply because she had been born."

"That was the misfortune of Renzo Zulla.
Simply because he had been born."

So when this mafia principessa meets Renzo, one of the family's gofers, the instant connection they forged should never have been allowed to flourish. And yet it did. And another epic mafia love was born because Lucia Marcello was the youngest progeny of the Marcello family. THE Marcello family. "...her family might as well be royalty in the world of organized crime. Her father and uncles held three of the highest seats in the family. Even her brother was mixed up in it all."

Of course her family was against them, but, her father underestimated Lucia's will, her determination to live her life the way she wanted, WITH whom she wanted. Thank God she had her mother, Jordyn, because Jordyn insisted Lucian let her go be with Renzo, to "...make her own choices, and if those mean mistakes, then that's what it means. They are hers to make, not yours or ours."

So Lucia goes. Goes with Renzo, determined that they'll live their life as they see fit. But there's a huge complication in the form of one of his family members. Will the two get past it? If so, can they forge a new life together?

"'You go, I go... That's how it's going to be.' Until the day one of them died."

"Him and her. Until the end ... Ride or fuckin' die."

Of course this is only the beginning of their trilogy, so now I'm stuck waiting impatiently for the next part, Harbor, and I'm dying here! Lucia and Renzo may be young, but they're just as interesting and intense as her cousin Andino and his Haven (from Duty and Vow). Seriously, Bethany-Kris, I hope you're writing like a fiend, because I can hardly wait!

ARC via IndieSagePR.

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  1. Thank you for this review! It's wonderful.

    1. You're welcome. Thank YOU for this awesome couple! Can't wait for Harbor đź’–


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