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Review & Blog Tour: Hooked on You by Cathryn Fox

Hooked On You
by Cathryn Fox
Publication Date: April 27, 2020
Genres: Entangled: Amara, Contemporary, Romantic Comedy
Hooked on You is a sweet treat read that will give you all the good feels!”USA Today and WSJ bestselling author Avery Flynn
I’m a bookworm, a mathematician, not the kind of girl a hot lobster fisherman would notice.
Until he did.
I’m not in small town Nova Scotia to hook up. I’m here to settle my grandmother’s estate and sell the B&B, which I soon discover has been overrun with seasonal fisherman and operated on the honor system. The hard-core fishing folks become an instant family––the one I never had. Then there’s the blind pet cow, who has a crush on my hot fisherman, Nate. Okay, technically he’s not mine. I have no desire to get reeled in.
Until I do.
Soon, the little town grows on me, and the fisherman? It’s not long until I take the bait and we’re playing house at the B&B. Things are looking up.
Until they aren’t.
Rumors about a new plant and jobs being in jeopardy start swirling around town like a nor’easter, and all the signs point to my guy being behind the scandal. Should I give him enough line to play it out and learn his true intentions, or cut and run before I’m hooked?
When Kira's saved from being trampled by an angry horse, the hot lobster fisherman who saves her instantly charms her. She knows she's not his type, but darned if she doesn't wish she were.

But perhaps she is exactly Nate's type, perhaps the two can navigate a temporary no strings fling, and come out of it with their hearts intact and none the worse for wear. Or perhaps they just might come out of it with their hearts in each other's hands, full of love for each other and this whimsical small town and its residents.

Hooked on You is so sweet and charming. Small town romances can be too cute, but here it's got enough wit and a little tiny bit of steam so it balances everything out. Plus there's a blind cow in love with Nate, a ninja mouse, funny, loving fisherman and chosen families, with a whole little town who's embraced newcomer Nate and one of its own, Kira. I adored Nate with his sweet, loving personality, and perhaps wished he were paired with someone a bit more confident in herself, as Kira's insecurities were kind of annoying after awhile. If she mentioned she was a mathematician one more time I might have screamed. Aside from Kira though, I fell in love with this small town in Nova Scotia and all its inhabitants.
New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author, Cathryn Fox is a wife, mom, sister, daughter, and friend. She loves dogs, sunny weather, anything chocolate (she never says no to a brownie) pizza and red wine. She has two teenagers who keep her busy with their never ending activities, and a husband who is convinced he can turn her into a mixed martial arts fan. Cathryn can never find balance in her life, is always trying to find time to go to the gym, can never keep up with emails, Facebook or Twitter and tries to write page-turning books that her readers will love.
Cathryn also writes New Adult Paranormal under Cat Kalen.


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